Posted by: Jared | May 30, 2007

Breaking News : Atheism Debunked

Kirk Cameron destroys 300 years of scientific theory with a banana.


My world as I know it just came crashing down on me.



  1. Are these guys purposely making this easy for us ?

  2. Did you ever see this video response to Ray Comfort’s “atheist’s nightmare” video? It brilliantly points out how modern bananas went through over 5,000 years of conscious cultivation to make them as edible as they are today. Check it out:

  3. Next week, Kirk Cameron will reveal his research on the OTHER “atheists’ nightmare,” a man’s penis and the godly-perfect corresponding shape of his half-closed fist.

    I hear he plans to recycle two of Ray Comfort’s phrases: “Notice it has a point at the top for ease of entry,” and “when you pull the tab, the contents don’t squirt in your face.”

  4. im glad those christian fundamentalists debunked the atheism with some concrete facts.


    damn crazies.

  5. @Derek
    Nice find, a great rebuttal.
    Is it just me or do these ridiculous videos get more and more insane each passing day ?

    Yeah they really shocked me to my core, I had to re-evaluate my life after witnessing that video.

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