Posted by: Jared | June 3, 2007

John McCain, Ron Paul, Rudy, Romney: Republicans debate Tuesday June 5th

The debate will be held from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Thomas Sullivan Arena on The campus of Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. CNN will broadcast the debate live as will CNN Radio,, and


Set your TiVo and please Digg this to get the word out.



  1. deptaro sends his love.

  2. I wish the Bit Torrent community would upload the debates. Its a real pain in the ass to watch 7 minute clips with windows media player. *Buffering…*

  3. Google for Independent Online Presidential Poll

  4. barf, those 2 are gross like goatse

  5. McCain, McCain, McCain… what have they done to you? I can’t believe this is the same guy I supported back in 2000.

    Ron Paul. Ron Paul. Ron Paul. I will be honored to vote for you, even if I have to write it in myself.

  6. Ron Paul is gonna kick some asses

  7. Well, I certainly hope they do no marginalize Ron Paul as they marginalized Mike Gravel Sunday night. That was totally insulting. It’s time CNN and other media learned that Many, many of us are looking for something entirely different from what each of the major political parties WANTS to offer us. Of this bunch, Paul is the one that I want to hear. I could care less about any of the rest of them because I have no intention of voting for any of them or of contributing to their campaigns.

  8. Prediction: Romney wins 3rd in a row.

  9. It seems like 2 hours will be kinda short for four debaters.

  10. I just hope Fred Thompson runs!!!!!!!

  11. I am going for Ron Paul!!

  12. Vote Rudy or die!

  13. […] John McCain, Ron Paul, Rudy, Romney: Republicans debate Tuesday June 5th The debate will be held from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Thomas Sullivan Arena on The campus of Saint Anselm College […] […]

  14. in the 2nd GOP debate you have Republican candidates, MSNBC as the host, and South Carolina audiences…”a perfect storm of stupidity”…because Ron Paul was the winner and not Guliani, like they claim.

  15. Waiting for Fred to enter the race. All the current candidates are weak sauce.

  16. Wow

    I wish you coulda shown a picture of Ron paul in the middle to balance the evil from these two.


  17. Fred Thomson is another puppet for the neo-cons. Read his quotes.

    Ron Paul is the only real choice for the truly informed.

    Wake up America!

  18. So what happened to all the previous CNN/MSNBC/FOX polls absent from the current debate?

    Seems like it would be of interest to see what candidates viewers are supporting.

  19. @ Arthur they don’t Ron Paul showing up as the winner anymore.

  20. Are you all NUTS? MCcain is one of the authors of the sham of an immigration bill that gives amnesty to millions of illegal criminals, and Guliani is supporting it. Moreover, Guliani voted to continue to give welfare benefits to illegals at our expense, as well as having voted for the super highway from Mexico to Canada. Neither one are worthy candidates.

    Take a look at Tom Tancredo. He is not getting enough coverage and he clearly has American Citizens interest at heart.

  21. Ron Paul!

    Founding Father Material!

  22. Here’s a great article I think you guys might enjoy. Ron Paul coming up!

  23. […] read more | digg story […]

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