Posted by: Jared | August 2, 2007

CNN Debate on Koran in Toilet

With the help of Christopher Hitchens

Part I

Part II



  1. I love Hitchens – he’s so eloquent and doesn’t hold back. I’ve been following this whole Koran-toilet debaccle on my blog,, if you’re interested. Thanks for posting these videos!

  2. […] (Christopher Hitchens, Freedom of speech, Islam, Religion) You can watch the entire interview at Free Thought Forum. Hitchens doesn’t have much to say that wasn’t already covered in his recent Slate […]

  3. why not, we have been bombing them since the 70’s, why not have irrational fear of them. They hate us cause we freely drop bombs, um , I mean they hate our freedom. I thought this was the 21 century, to ask if being a biggot is moraly wrong.
    of course. this guy looks like He probably belongs to the KKK.

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