Posted by: Jared | August 4, 2007

John McCain, Ron Paul, Rudy, Romney: Republicans debate Sunday August 5th

The debate will be held in Iowa, Televised on ABC this Sunday morning.

The broadcast times are kind of screwed up(8am Chicago/Los Angeles), (9am NewYork/Dallas), (10am Houston) check this for your: local broadcast time


Set your TiVo and please Digg this to get the word out.



  1. Jesus, I’ll have to wake up at 10 in the AM tomorrow.

  2. What? You don’t have a VCR?

    I’ll be setting mine up to tape the show (that way I can rewind to parse out which side of the issue Romney is on, and I can fast forward over Tommy Thompson.

  3. @ Kevin
    Whats a VCR ?

    LOL but Tommy Thompson is great TV, maybe he’ll reiterate his position on Bombing Mecca.

  4. I can’t wait to see Rudy expand on his plan to teach our military how to nation build. I just know the people in uniform will love to hear more details about this FABULOUS plan. Cause who doesn’t enjoy having their limbs blown off while on a school-painting mission?

  5. @ Sean

    Rudy did fumble a couple of the questions, mainly on his Iraq policy.

    Ron Paul on the other hand did very well for himself he had the loudest applause throughout the debate.

    Lets bump him up to 3% though, eh ;)

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