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    Wondered if this would be of any interest to you and your readers…

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  3. The head of the Catholic Church in Australia did a critique on Avatar and described it as “another Hollywood pagan propaganda film”

    So I thought I might critique his, “World Youth Day”

    In Sydney Australia where I live, we had “The world youth day”, a Catholic pilgrimage for the Catholic youth of the world, it was considered so important that the Pope attended the preceding himself. Festivities culminated with “the stations of the cross” a bloody re-enactment of the trial and subsequent torture and crucifixion of Jesus. The spectacle snaked its way through our city and took many hours to perform; it was hailed by all, including the Pope, as a spectacular success. The performance was beamed live around the world in prime time. The kiddies could watch a most excellent actor get crowned with thorns, blood streaming down his face, lashed with a cat of nine tails, bloody welts glistening in the sun, pushed, jeered, and finally nailed to a cross, the sound reverberating throughout the fore court of our iconic Opera House and all winced in time with the blows. His agony seemed to transcend time, time slowed and you willed it to end, other actors wailing at his feet were accompanied by sombre music and song to intensify the emotive scene, the cameras zoomed in on his distorted face as the setting sun sent its red fingers around the cross and its gruesome adornment, and the youth cried.
    Powerful stuff, for I found myself recoiling from what I saw, questions spun in my mind; sadly I refrained from verbalising my thoughts, for fear of ridicule and religious persecution, for my thoughts were not those held by the masses.
    Perhaps an analogy could portray my thoughts better.
    The French have a celebration called “Bastille Day” it’s celebrated around the world. I propose that our government fund this event in our fair city and pass laws to silence objectors, as they did for the Catholic Church. Promote and encourage people of all ages to come and witness the celebrations, especially the children. The celebrations will culminate with actors in period costume portraying King Louis and his queen Marie Antoinette, dishevelled and shackled in their horse drawn cart. Transported and displayed as trophies through our fair city, jeered and spat upon by those they pass, till finally, arriving at the steps of our iconic opera house, a threatening shadow creeping over them, they look up dignified yet in terror at the imposing and terrible spectacle of the guillotines, the blades sparkling red in the setting sun. The crowd cheers, knitting needles click and clack as the victims forgive the people of France, but are silenced and lashed to the hungry machines and the kiddies watch on and the cameras zoom in. The drums reverberate through the crowd, climax and fall into deafening silence, the executioner seems to pull the lever in slow motion, click, the blades fall to their bloody conclusion. Their gruesome heads, teeth chattering are held aloft to the joyous cheers from the crowd and the kiddies watch on as gold guillotine necklaces are sold to commemorate the event, miniature replicas of those atop the spires of town halls through out the land.
    The crowds disperse and the little ones clutching their shiny gold guillotines are taken home to watch “Sesame Street”, and their parents despair over the violence on TV and demand stricter censorship laws from their Government to protect their little ones.

    So called civilised countries have for better or worse censorship laws and child protection laws. Religions often claim ownership or superiority of morality and common decency, so why is it that the religious some how manage to circumvents all of this and are allowed to display this, their violent obscenity, to children around the world with Government assistances. Why is it people on the whole, believers or not, draw a distinction between religious violence and any other form of violence, one is acceptable the other not. The media made no objections, in fact they embraced it. I would have been persecuted if I spoke out, in fact I would have been prosecuted, as special laws were passed that one could not “annoy a pilgrim”, let alone protest.
    Perhaps the frequent telling of the story has so ingrained itself into our minds that it has, for most, grown to be part of normal perceptions. Parents walk into a church with children in tow and sit before a vivid depiction of torture. Do they see the violence; I think not, they see religion. Why do we not shield children from these graphic depictions of violence?
    So what do I take from world youth day, well certainly not what was intended, guilt, because Jesus supposedly died for us, no not at all, in fact it reinforced my belief that God does not exist. For if God did create everything and is as all powerful as they say, why does he need and promote violence, threats, intimidation and guilt as legitimate ways to communicate his/her objectives and in so doing gives legitimacy to many mortals to follow his example? What is his message, well for me it’s “Violence works!”

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